Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cool picture of Ian and Spackle Posted by Picasa

Wicked Dog of the East Posted by Picasa

Future Zen glade Posted by Picasa

Into the woods. Posted by Picasa

Tree planting, take two. Posted by Picasa

Most important breakfast items: coffee and onions. Posted by Picasa

During the day, most of the light enters the outhouse from the toilet. Yeah, it's a bit weird. For night, a handy candle-holder. Posted by Picasa

Water collection system. We have rigged this up so we can have a sink for handwashing . . . but we've realized that birds like to perch on the rooftop, this being the highest point for acres. Yeah. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful View Posted by Picasa

Non-tasty unidentified plant thing.

Tasty cherry plums Posted by Picasa

Canine "towel". Posted by Picasa

No hypothermia! Posted by Picasa

The local "pool".  Posted by Picasa

Home Sweet Home. Posted by Picasa

Use number two . . .  Posted by Picasa

A christening! Posted by Picasa

What's going on in there, Spackle? Posted by Picasa

Ta da--Water! Posted by Picasa

Don't sit here anymore! Posted by Picasa

Utter exhaustion. Posted by Picasa

Working man. Posted by Picasa

Where's the rest of Calin? Posted by Picasa

Ah well. Posted by Picasa

That's not water. Posted by Picasa

I'm thirsty. Posted by Picasa