Monday, January 16, 2006

Short January visit.

Kolkwitzia are still standing and bulbs are sending up shoots.

Something seems to like to poop around the sapling trees that we planted in October.

Just like when we first visited a year ago, there's plenty of water, only even more so with all the rain. However, none fell on us from above.

Would we be allowed to make a pond on the site of this this pond?

The trees we planted in November are still standing, though the willow may have benefitted from being tied upright.

And luckily dogwoods like moist soil. This might be a little too moist.

Here's the creek that Calin was straddling in the original blog post long ago.

Don't know how much rain we got since November but it was more than 5 inches.

The glade is nice and mossy in winter.

Calin made a few improvements with her new loppers.

The neighbors had their cool star up on the crane for the holidays.