Monday, May 08, 2006

I wasn't the last person on the ferry, but I was far enough back that I got to park on the steepest part of the ramp. I spent most of the ride in the car--it felt like I was taking off, which made me nervous Posted by Picasa

I got very dirty. Posted by Picasa

I worked so hard even my liver got worn out! Ha ha, no, just wet gloves. Posted by Picasa

Dogwood is also *covered* with moss and lichen. Really, it's like it's in a time warp that allows these slow-growers to take over the world. I picked off a lot of the moss. Posted by Picasa

Dogwood, looking a little challenged. Blooms never came out, just these rather stunted leaves. Posted by Picasa

Beauty bush, gettin' beautiful Posted by Picasa

And then it got dry and sunny. Posted by Picasa

It was really, really wet. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Blooms Posted by Picasa