Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Plant identification

A very friendly guy at a local nursery was able to identify some of our plants very easily because he had helped plant some of them for the previous owners.

This one, formerly described as "Twiggy tree," is Sea-buckthorn. The berries are apparently a fine source of Vitamin C, and oils from the berries were supposedly used by Russian cosmonauts, or so they say.

This one, previously described as "Non-tasty unidentified plant thing" has now been identified as a species of manroot. "The anthropomorphic common names 'manroot' & 'old man' derive from the swollen lobes and arm-like extensions of the unearthed tuber. On old plants, the tuber can be several meters long and weigh in excess of 100kg."

Monday, October 24, 2005

More woods, and a tired dog

I realize that we don't have many pictures of the actual plantings, or the camp site after the plantings took place, or the lovely hot fire Jordan made, or any number of other things. Ian and I will be sure to at least get some pics of the plantings next time we go up.


Break Time!

The one plant in the woods that I really wanted to save. This beautiful little fern. So perfect, so lovely and green. Spackle found it comfy.

Ian, burrito king, teaching his methods to the dog.

Poor Spackle, very cold as the sun sets. He was perfectly happy to be wrapped in towels and blankets.

Into the Woods

Hansel and Gretel try to find their way home . . .

Well, this is a nice woods.

Forest creatures.

The noble Terrier of the Great Woods

Veggie--as in vegetation--burrito. Yum.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A planting, a planting.

Joyous dogs outside
They run and play all day long
Tired on Sunday

Put the bushes there, I say.
Yes, Here.

What is that man doing? KD, none of us knows.

Rock baseball. Better than mailbox baseball, I suppose.

Monday, October 10, 2005

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It only ever says one inch . . . Posted by Picasa

More scratchings? Posted by Picasa

Our one pear seems to have been harvested by someone else . . .  Posted by Picasa

On a mission for fruit. Posted by Picasa

Fall late afternoon Posted by Picasa

Beautiful view. Posted by Picasa

Norwegian Fjord XING. Posted by Picasa

Our dinner of wine, cheese and apple. Soon thereafter, we were invited to Cap and Helsa's for a before dinner snack (for them) of . . . yes--wine, cheese and apple.  Posted by Picasa

Harvesting. Posted by Picasa

Zen garden, still in progress. Posted by Picasa

Someone's been scratching . . . Posted by Picasa

Our pear. We're so proud! Posted by Picasa

Home sweet home. Sigh. Posted by Picasa

Windy! Posted by Picasa