Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Planting Day #2, Nov 12

Planting Day # 2, 12 November

The first thing the dogs saw upon arrival. Not in the hole like this, of course. The hole was quickly dug by Ian and Collin, who had no desire to be licked by dogs who'd already licked this. Perhaps killed by an eagle; there aren't any coyotes or wildcats on the island.

Loper getting busy digging for something else. He must have been there about 45 minutes . . .

And, voila, he found something! Collin identified it as a common field mouse. Loper soon tired of it, however, and Spackle took over. Until, that is, Ian stepped in and saved the day (if not the mouse).

"Please Dad, please can I have that dead mouse that's under your foot?" No, Spackle. Gross.

And now for pictures of the real reason for the island trip: Pretty planted trees!