Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The monthly West Sound Community Potluck winds up with a rousing tune on the piano. The community hall is 106 years old, and the potluck tradition is the same age. And so are most of the attendees.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

Continuing to leaf out . . . Posted by Picasa

Spackle, the Giant of the Seashore, on North Beach in front of our cabin. Posted by Picasa

The whole Pear. Posted by Picasa

Pear tree, pollenation in progress. Posted by Picasa

Another perspective on the fir somethings. Posted by Picasa

Fir somethings. Anyone know? Is this perhaps a male fir, or a female fir? About 1/20 of the total little firs had these fiery cone things. Posted by Picasa

Deer, now headless. Yeah, I have no idea. Posted by Picasa

Dogwood, happier than ever.  Posted by Picasa

Willow, upright, with some pussies. Posted by Picasa

Lilacs, ready to burst into bloom. Posted by Picasa

Tulip Posted by Picasa

Face off! Posted by Picasa

Camoflage crab Posted by Picasa

Crabby. Posted by Picasa

Latest guests, working hard. Posted by Picasa